I'm Carol Tuttle

Teacher, speaker, and bestselling author

I've been blessed to touch the lives of millions of fans
with my books and life-changing online programs,
including Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth.

My gift is to help you see who you really are and
dress in a way that highlights your true beauty.
You're going to love the woman you discover.

I approach fashion and beauty in a unique way

  • I start on the inside. Fashion blogs and makeover shows focus on appearance 
    alone. You're beautiful for who you are—not just what you look like. I show you why.

  • I teach 4 Types of natural beauty (not just one). We're sold one kind of beauty in 
    magazines. But you express a unique beauty and I can't wait for you to see it.

  • I show you which clothes and styles match the person you are. No more chasing 
      trends that don't work for you. Just a closet of clothes you look and feel amazing in.

With so many options to love and
beautify yourself, why listen to me?
Here's my story...

From hating my body to happy and hot...

My story starts like many women's stories: Growing up, I didn't like myself. I believed
my eyebrows were too boyish and I hated my size. I battled my appearance and
struggled to feel confident. Through more than two decades of marriage and
motherhood, I did my best to love how I looked. But no matter what I did, I felt
inadequate and dissatisfied. 

At a certain point, I noticed something: the frustration I felt about my appearance was
really frustration about the way I was living my life.

Hating my appearance was just distracting me from something deeper. I wanted to love who I was deep down.

In that search, I made a discovery.

I found that I expressed a unique kind of beauty (one that's not shown on fashion runways). There are actually 4 unique Types of beauty. All of them are beautiful - including you.

I can show you your unique Type of beauty. As you discover it, you'll understand yourself more clearly and feel confident in who you are. With Dressing Your Truth, getting dressed in the morning will feel like a chance to love and express yourself. No more mornings with nothing to wear!

Why I created
Dressing Your Truth

From a young age, we start to judge our
appearance and believe it will never measure up.

We believe we’re too fat here, or too small there, too tall, too short, too everything. If you've ever felt defeated in a dressing room, you know that feeling of inadequacy.

As women, we're waking up. We know that photoshopped beauty standards are unrealistic. We know that there's more to us than just appearance.

And we want to love ourselves!

But many women who want to love themselves still feel dissatisfied with their appearance. Why? Because what they are putting on their body does not match their Type of beauty.

Dressing Your Truth helps you discover your Type of beauty, and teaches you how to match your outer look with your inner amazing.

I'm on a mission to help you rediscover and love your true self... starting with the first moment of your day when you get dressed.

I was looking for a new style and I found the real me.

—Pam w.

Some of the places I've supported women

Lasting results
for women like you

Susan A.
Type 2

"For the first time in my life I accept myself as I am at this moment and am beginning to feel the wonder of life living as me! Thank you Carol!"

Crystal R.
Type 4

"I felt ugly, frumpy, and lost... It's no exaggeration to say DYT has changed my life in countless ways. I understand myself and others so much better...It has also been a lifesaver in my marriage...I've grown so much as a person."

Dina B.
Type 2

"Carol is really great. I mean, she gets us. She knows. She really guides you through the process... I understand my intuitive fashion choices so much better now, and going forward, I want to focus on that."

Type 3

"I've been dressing my truth ... for a year and a half, but just now went for my most daring hair color."

Type 4

"I can give my best self  because now I know what  that means." 

Type 2

"Learning about DYT last year was such an absolutely amazing experience for me because I finally had answers as to why some of my styling choices were such epic fails... and I have never felt more beautiful in my entire life."

Type 1

"Dressing Your Truth has changed my life!... I always thought I was a childish 17-year-old, but… I now know why I do what I do… Thank you so much."

Jenny C.
Type 3

"You can't be at peace with yourself if you are at war with your wardrobe. Carol not only taught me how to reclaim my natural confidence—it also showed me how to express my true self in everything I wear now!"

Today’s the day to start discovering your Type of beauty. What you’ll get…

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  • Including updates on products handpicked for your Type of beauty to help you create your personal style.

Join hundreds of thousands of
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It's time to rediscover the real you, love your true self, and greet
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I'm honored you're here. Get ready to love
yourself more than you ever have!